Monday, February 6, 2012

Mold Creation

In the hopes of being able to make my dolls available to more people, I have decided to try my hand at making a mold and casting in resin. A little while ago, I finished sculpting the prototype, who I have named Polina. The whole process of making the mold ended up being between five and six hours, so I am dearly hoping that it turns out to be usable. On a side note, I apologize for the poor photo quality. I did not make the mold at my house and I forgot to bring my camera, so my mobile phone had to do the job. 

 The first layer of the rubber mold

 The fourth (and final) layer of the rubber mold

The Polina prototype, prior to being molded

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  1. Oh love your work !
    I came by from the ADO Pinterest blog board, xxx Rita